OpenText™ TeleForm is an intelligent forms automation solution that provides powerful data capture software capabilities. The solution enables organizations to create and distribute forms, and automate form processing, using OCR and other recognition technologies, to eliminate time-consuming manual data entry. TeleForm automatically captures, classifies and extracts information from paper, electronic documents and forms to create accurate, process-ready content.

TeleForm enhances and accelerates digital transformation activities, Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions, and Customer Experience Management (CEM) projects, by capturing information and documents provided by customers, automating document workflows, and ensuring efficient and consistent customer workflow processes. By eliminating time-consuming manual document sorting and data entry, TeleForm streamlines document-driven business workflow and delivers a significant and rapid return on investment.

OpenText™ LiquidOffice™ is an intelligent forms automation platform that enables organizations to design and publish rich electronic forms, automating data collection, routing and processing to digitally transform forms-driven line of business processes. The solution uses business rules, routing and systems integration capabilities for improved efficiency, control, delivery of information, provision of products and to deliver a rich digital customer experience.

LiquidOffice enables organizations to easily design web forms for data collection across the enterprise, route forms and information for review and approval and automate forms-driven processes for improved efficiency, control and enhanced digital experiences. For line of business workflows involving people, information and content, LiquidOffice can have a significant impact on productivity, customer service and retention and the bottom line.

OpenText Capture Center (formerly DOKuStar Capture Suite) uses the most advanced document and character recognition capabilities available to turn documents into machine-readable information. Capture Center captures the data “stored” in scanned images and faxes and interprets it using OCR, ICR, IDR, adaptive reading, and other technologies. As a result, Capture Center reduces manual keying and paper handling, accelerates business processing, improves data quality, and saves you money.

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