High volume scanning utility to maximize scanner value.

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DIGIform Email Automation

Automatically extract email and attachments and present them for processing.

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Services We Can Offer

Often a unique functional requirement means out-the-box products are too specific or inflexible for your needs.
DIGIform has extensive experience in custom and integration development.
We have developed applications from single workstation solutions to enterprise wide processing systems.
Some of our solutions have been:

* Local Council Meter Reading Tracking and Billing Utilities
* Point of Sale Systems
* Cell Phone Warranty Vetting Applications
* Bar Code Recognition Application Enterprise Level Staff Recruitment solution
* Bulk scanning application (ScanBurstPlus)
* Email Extraction and Archiving
* PDF Template Fill from Data Source and Bulk Email PDF Automation
* RightFAX Billing Application
* Text to Excel Conversions with Line by Line Intelligent Content checking and decision making.
* Website design, conversions, mobile friendly

Please contact us to discuss your custom developemt requirements.

DIGIform has been involved with custom development integration from various fax, email, document management products and other systems, over the past 10 years. Many systems require integration at some level to make a solution truly complete.

Whether the requirement is transferring information from one system to another, or moving custom data into a back-end systems, DIGIform can develop a specific solution to your unique requirements.

With knowledge and experience of the Microsoft range of products, as well as our own specialised data capturing and processing software applications and TeleForm, we can offer a customised solution that can be integrated with a wide range of industry standard applications.

DIGIform offers four specialised TeleForm training courses to both its resellers and end users. Upon completion of your desired course, you will receive a Certified Cardiff Training Certificate.

The following training Modules are available:

* TeleForm Training 101:  Forms Design (3 Days)
* TeleForm Training 201: Administration (3 Days)
* TeleForm Training 301: Customizing with VBA (3 Days)
* TeleForm Training 501: Administration and Scripting (5 Days)
Should you require a custom training package for your specific environment, we will gladly put together a package to suite your individual needs.

Please contact us for a detailed pricing and available training dates, as well as a detailed breakdown of what the different courses entail.

If you already have a TeleForm System in place, we can assist with day-to-day support and development issues.

We can negotiate an SLA Agreement to cater for your specific needs, or assist you on an adhoc basis.

Whatever your requirements, DIGIform will customise a solution specific to your needs.

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